Bachelor of Arts, Minor in Theatre

Theatre Minor

No new students are being admitted to the BA Theatre Minor.

VIU also offers a Theatre Diploma.

General Description

The Bachelor of Arts, Minor in Theatre is intended for students who wish to pursue Theatre courses and the study of theatre as part of a Vancouver Island University BA degree. Upper-level Theatre courses complement several other disciplines including creative writing, playwriting, digital media, or media studies and these courses are useful electives for education students.

The courses offered are generally either academically-focused or skill-focused. Theatre history courses, for example, require reading, research, and writing skills, while courses in directing or design focus more on developing techniques and methodologies.

Strategies learned in these courses will be useful in many different disciplines and situations as the courses explore methods for the presentation of ideas and concepts to a live audience. These techniques apply to teaching, meetings, group work, collaborations, and presentations.

Requirements for a Minor

Students must fulfill all the Institutional B.A. degree requirements, including Degree English Requirements and courses listed below.

Years 3 & 4: Students taking the BA Minor in Theatre must complete a total of 18 credits selected from the following list of upper-level Theatre courses.
Note: All upper–level Theatre courses have 1st & 2nd year prerequisite courses that must be completed prior to starting the 3rd year.

Students who have completed the two–year Bachelor of Fine Arts — Theatre Transfer program or the Technical Theatre Diploma program will have met all the prerequisites for any upper–level Theatre courses. The minimum required prerequisite courses for these students would be THEA 205, 206, 211, 212, 250, and 251.

Year 3 & 4


THEA 311 1 (Theatre History III)


THEA 312 1 (Canadian Theatre History)


THEA 320 2 (Introduction to Directing)


THEA 321 1 (Text Analysis)


THEA 340 1 (Theatre Theory Since 1900)


THEA 350 3 (Set Design I)


THEA 351 3 (Lighting Design I)


THEA 352 3 (Costume Design I)


THEA 353 3 (Sound Design I)


1 Required prerequisite courses: any two of THEA 100 , 111 , 112 , 211 , or 212 .
2 Required prerequisite courses: THEA 205 and 206 ; or THEA 209 and either THEA 100 or 252 .
3 Required prerequisite courses: THEA 250 and 251 ; or THEA 252 and one of THEA 209 or 100 .

Updated: February 4, 2013

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