THEA 115: Participatory Drama

Do you want to explore current political and social issues through the creative medium of theatre? THEA 115: Participatory Drama is an entry-level, hands-on course that allows students to delve into themselves and socio-political issues through participatory theatre activities. This course attracts students from all different disciplines and walks of life. There are no prerequisites and no acting experience is required. Evaluation is based on participation in class activities and creative assignments. Love of Learners welcome! For more information, contact Eliza.Gardiner@viu.ca.

Course Description

An exploration of socio-political drama that introduces historical and current techniques of participatory theatre; an experiential investigation which creates opportunity for discussion of oppression, injustice, and related topics. Study includes dramatic theories of practitioners such as Augusto Boal, and explores modes of interactive theatre that inspire dialogue on significant issues.

Course Structure and Assignments

This is a practical, hands-on course. Evaluation is based on participation in class activities and assigned projects rather than by written exams or research papers. The course begins with several active sessions where improvisation, image-building, acting, and listening skills will be developed through participation in exercises, activities and theatre games - especially those popularized by Augusto Boal and his ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’. Participatory exercises introduce approachable techniques that develop the ability to use various Forum Theatre skills in various settings, and build opportunity to discuss social-justice themes; analysis and critical thinking skills will be used in the journal and group projects, enhancing the participants’ interpretive tools. Participation with an organization or in an event will connect students with a shared vision, and community dialogue that aligns with the curriculum.

The summer session course is a compressed version of the normal fall semester curriculum, super fun, exploratory, liberatory, connected to current politics and diverse points of view. No acting experience is required!

Prerequisite: None
Start Date: May 7, 2018
End Date: June 22, 2018
Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1-4 pm
Location: VIU Nanaimo Campus, Bldg. 345, Room 208

CLOSE X Theatre Department