Jasmin Li

Two new online exhibitions of recent work from students in the Visual Art Program

It is with great excitement that we share these two exhibitions of recent art works from students in the Visual Arts Program at VIU. Since March of last year the Gallery has been closed to the public, and all classes in the department have been delivered in a hybrid online format. 

At the beginning of the new year I tasked my colleagues in Visual Arts,  Gregory Ball, Jane Cole, Jason Gress, Scott Leaf, Ellen McCluskey and Pamela Speight to review their students’ photo documentation of works created in our fall term, and submit a long list to be considered for these first two online exhibitions. There has been at least one silver lining in our new COVID-19 reality, and that is that our students have had to learn to effectively document their art works in order to have them evaluated by their instructors in the best possible light. This has made the job of making the final selection for the exhibitions that much easier. Works selected from painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and ceramics classes present a spectrum of technique, approach, and point of view that while in no way is definitive, still gives a solid example of the level of the talent and creativity present in the artistic practices of our students. 

Chai Duncan, View Gallery curator/coordinator 


300 & 400 level classes

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rachel costall

100 & 200 level classes

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