Control room

Joy Gugeler

PhD, MA Professor
(250) 753-3245

Areas of Focus

  • Internet
  • Journalism
  • Literacy
  • Literature
  • Media
  • Teaching focus

Cross-platform storytelling, transmedia, identity performance and digital literacies

Citizen journalism, copyright, privacy and the future of news

Print and e-publishing business models and entrepreneurship for books, magazine, online

Social media advocacy regarding women’s issues, grassroots change, feminism 2.0


  • Bachelor of Journalism, Carleton University
  • MA, Carleton University (Canadian Studies)
  • PhD, Simon Fraser University (Communication) (ABD)


Joy Gugeler Teaches in Departments of Creative Writing & Journalism + Media Studies and has edited literary fiction, non-fiction, and poetry and six magazines, both print and online, since 1991 for ECW, Raincoast, and Beach Holme presses; ARC, Quarry, and Room quarterlies; and Suite 101, NowPublic, and Orato online. She operates Chameleon Consulting: Change Your Mind and frequently juries national and provincial book and magazine awards and grants and gives workshops for industry professionals. She hosted CHLY’s Books & Bytes on Be the Media, and oversees Portal magazine and the editing and publishing of the Gustafson Chapbook series for VIU. She has hosted on-air programming for CBC radio and Bravo! and has reviewed books for the Globe and Mail, Vancouver Sun, and Ottawa Citizen. In 2001 she co-founded the Canadian Book Camp in Vancouver for children aged 11 to 16 and was on the board of the Red Cedar Award 2006-13. She has taught editing at Ryerson since 2002 and at SFU as a guest instructor in the Masters of Publishing and Summer Publishing Workshops (since 1996) where she is preparing to defend her PhD in Communications / Publishing. She has taught the following Media Studies courses: Making the News, Digital Social Narratives, Technology & Identity, Digital Media Literacy, Interactive Communications, Emerging Technologies, and History of Communications.