Control room

Robin Davies

MA Professor

Areas of Focus

  • Sound design, audio editing, electronic music
  • Programming/coding, with a focus on creativity and generative art
  • Interactivity, particularly the construction of aural/visual instruments
  • DJ/remix culture, appropriation, collaboration, performance and play

Teaching Focus

  • Web Production
  • Video Production
  • Motion Media
  • Project Management
  • Programming


  • Bachelor of Music, McGill University
  • MA, McGill University


Robin studied Double Bass and Music Technology at McGill’s Schulich School of Music. His interests include the utilization of the human voice in auditory storytelling, sound design for visual art, the construction and use of software-based musical instruments for live electronic music performance, and helping others embrace technology for use in their creative endeavours. Robin’s sound design and remix work can be heard on releases from Phoenicia Publishing, Six Records, Maple Music, Ad Noiseam, and Sunchaser Pictures.


Accidentally Sublime