About Spanish

Alejandro Malaspina, after whom this University was named, was a Captain of the Spanish Navy who came to Vancouver Island in 1791 when he was commissioned by the King of Spain to search for a Northwest Passage. Perhaps it is his spirit that has encouraged the growth of our thriving Spanish department.

Spanish is now the second most spoken language in the Western World. More people are discovering the value and usefulness of the language as well as the vibrancy of Hispanic culture and history. Students of literature are delighted to be able to read the untranslated works of authors, such as those from those from Latin America. The wealth of Spanish art is of great interest to Art History students. Other students who have benefited from the study of Spanish language and culture are those in Tourism, Business, and Liberal Studies.

VIU offers excellent instruction for our first and second year courses. We are currently using a program of study called Mosaicos, which is a clear, well-paced course combining a workbook, cassettes, and transparencies with a strong cultural component. Our well-equipped language lab allows students to work at their own pace.

Spanish study at VIU introduces students to the language and culture in an active and creative way. The lively Hispanic Club offers a place for everyone on campus to practice the Spanish language, attend and discuss Spanish films, and enjoy popular Latin American activities such as fiestas, with music, dancing, videos and food. Guest speakers are also invited to talk about such topics as Mexican cuisine. The Club has a lending library of Spanish magazines, books and videos available to the community.

List of the Spanish courses offered at VIU.