A drummer and a guitarist on stage.

Audition Process and Requirements

Thank you for your interest in the Music Program at VIU.

An audition to assess your music skills is required as part of the application process.  A representative of the Music faculty will contact you directly to book a date and time for a live audition.  If you are unable to attend a live audition, we also accept video auditions by electronic submission.

Live Audition:

Please arrive one-half hour before your scheduled audition time.  You’ll be given the opportunity to warm up prior to the audition.  The Music Building is Bldg. #320. Here is a link to our campus map:  https://www.viu.ca/map/ 

Electronic Submissions:

Your electronic submission can be made via e-mail and must include a brief letter describing your musical experience and musical goals. You may upload your audition video to YouTube and send us the link. You can password protect it if you wish, but please include the password in your e-mail. Also please ensure your face is visible on the Video.

Send electronic audition submissions to Sasha Koerbler, Music Department Chair, at

Audition Requirements:

During the audition, your performance level and musicality will be assessed by Music Department faculty members. Please note the following requirements:

  • You must perform two contrasting songs. We prefer performances in a Jazz style.  However, if you are not yet comfortable with the Jazz idiom, play two pieces that demonstrate your performance level in the genre you know best.
  • If you have composed an original piece, feel free to play it.
  • We will also assess the level of your technique. If you can, prepare some major scales and arpeggios in a few different keys. If you have studied the modes such as Dorian, Mixolydian, etc., please be prepared to play some of them.
  • Guitar and piano players:  Please play and name some different chords that you know.
  • If you can, improvise on blues and ii – V – I chord progressions in a couple of major and minor keys.

As part of your audition we would like to know about your Musical experience and your goals.

  • In a live audition, we will interview you.
  • For recorded auditions, please include a brief letter or e-mail message outlining your Musical experience and your goals.

Audition Accompanists:

The Music Department does not provide accompanists for auditions. If you require accompaniment, you will need to provide your own, whether it is live or recorded backing tracks. It is, of course, acceptable to perform your audition solo, without accompaniment.

Transfer Students:

We welcome Transfer Students. Students transferring from other institutions to the Jazz Diploma program will be required to play an audition.

Previous Learning Assessment (PLA):

Applicants with considerable performing experience might be eligible for advanced placement. Find information about PLA at: https://services.viu.ca/advising/prior-learning-assessment-pla


If you have any questions, please contact,

We look forward to meeting you and listening to you play.