A drummer and a guitarist on stage.

Brent Jarvis

Brent Jarvis pic

Brent Jarvis is a jazz pianist and has taught music at Vancouver Island University since 2018.

Brent is a composer, performer, record producer, and recording engineer (Brent Jarvis). Brent’s own recordings include Dragonfly (2023), the Medium (2014), Daedalus (2008), Solo Piano (2005), and Sequences (2004). These eclectic recordings exemplify Brent’s multidisciplinary approach and have generated accolades such as: “captivating … a collaboration between the sensual and the intellectual … music that sparks the senses and transcends genres” (Laura Fernandes, Jazz FM91), and “exciting, harmonically advanced … original jazz that is based on the music’s 100 year tradition but stakes out new ground with daring and masterful technique” (Joseph Blake, Victoria Times Colonist).

Brent’s interest in music is closely linked to an interest in audio recording. These symbiotic endeavors have led to numerous collaborations as a producer, engineer, and side-performer at his studio (Harbourview Studio). Brent’s passion for audio recording has also sparked an interest in electronics. One of Brent’s hobbies is building and repairing recording equipment such as tube and ribbon microphones, mic preamps, audio compressors, analog tape machines, channel strips, and digital interfaces, etc.

Brent holds a BMUS in Jazz Performance from the University of Toronto (2002) and a MA in Musicology from the University of Victoria (2022). Brent’s MA thesis in Musicology is a multidisciplinary examination of technological mediation in 20th Century jazz music: Jazz music: the technological mediation of an aural tradition.