CIDA Accreditation

The Interior Design Program at Vancouver Island University is proud to be one of twelve undergraduate programs in Canada to be accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA).  In January 2017, it became mandatory for Interior Designers seeking to become Registered or Licensed in Canada to graduate from a CIDA Accredited Program.  

The CIDA-accredited program prepares students for entry-level interior design practice, for advanced study, and to apply for membership in professional interior design organizations. The Bachelor of Interior Design granted by Vancouver Island University meets the educational requirement for eligibility to sit for the National Council for Interior Design Qualification Examination (NCIDQ Exam). Information about NCIDQ Exam eligibility.

The interior design program leading to the Bachelor of Interior Design is accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation, 206 Grandville Avenue, Suite 350, Grand Rapids, MI, 49503. Learn more about CIDA.

Student Achievement Data

Vancouver Island University, Bachelor of Interior Design
(Information from 2018 Graduating Class) 

The Bachelor of Interior Design program at Vancouver Island University is full-time degree program.  Students complete a total of 129 credits over 4 years with an internship between the 3rd and 4th years of studies.

The following data was collected using institutional records and an alumni survey that was administered approx. 10 months after the class of 2018 graduated with 14 out of 14 alumni responding to the query.

Job Placement

  • 11/14 (79%) of our contacted students who were in the 2018 - 4th year cohort are employed in interior design or design related professions.
    (4 in design consulting, 2 in government planning, 1 in millwork design, 2 in contract furniture sales, and 2 in related product sales).
  • 3/14 (21%) of our contacted students are employed in an unrelated area.

Places of Employment

Below is a sampling of the various firms where the 2018 cohort currently work:

  • Kasian Architecture Interior Design (Victoria, BC)
  • Higgins Group Interior Design (Nanaimo, BC)
  • Hobson Woodworks (Victoria, BC)
  • Shearer Design (Calgary, AB)
  • Bartle & Gibson (Victoria, BC)
  • Heritage Office Furnishings (Vancouver, BC)
  • Gabriel Ross Contract (Victoria, BC)
  • IDP Engineering Consultancy (Dubai, UAE)

Student Retention

The cohort that graduated in 2018 was admitted with 22 students in 2014.  12 of the original 22 admitted students graduated in 2018. 3 students in 1st year and 5 students in 2nd year withdrew from the program.

Retention: 55%


  • The following students were not included in the above retention rate:
    • 2 students that extended their studies to 5 years
    • 2 students that transferred from other institutions into 3rd year

Graduation Rates

Of the students in the 2018 4th year cohort 13 or the 14 graduated in 4 years, 1 of the 14 graduated after extending the program to 5 years. 

Acceptance into Graduate Programs

No students from the 2018 graduating class have applied to a Graduate Program.


Our students participate in paid Internships during the summer between 3rd and 4th year. Below is a sampling of firms that employed our students - summer 2017.

  • Shearer Design (Calgary, AB)
  • TQ Construction (Burnaby, BC)
  • Delinea Design Consultants Ltd. (Ladysmith, BC)
  • Kasian Architecture Interior Design (Vancouver, BC)
  • CHIL Design (Vancouver, BC)
  • KM Interior Designs (Victoria, BC)
  • KPL James Architecture (Victoria, BC)
  • Step One Design (Victoria, BC)
  • Government of Northwest Territories (Yellowknife, NWT)
  • Fresco Interior Design Group Inc (Saskatoon, SK)
  • ID Studio (Dubai, UAE)
  • Kushner Studio Architecture + Design (New York, USA)