VIU’s interior design program leading to the Bachelor of Interior Design was recently awarded accreditation for a six-year term (effective April 2017) by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation. 

CIDA accreditation for Interior Design Programs in Canada became mandatory in January 2017. To become a Registered Professional Interior Designer in Canada, candidates must have graduated from a CIDA Interior Design Program with a Bachelor degree or higher. Programs must apply for review every six years in order to maintain their accreditation. A review may result in a full, partial or fail grade. Partial approval would require a re-evaluation within two years. Full accreditation is good for six years with an interim report due in the third year. 

Our department underwent an extensive prescribed self-study process prior to our CIDA accreditation review by a visiting team of CIDA approved scrutineers who arrived in early September 2016. They reviewed course outlines, content binders, textbooks and three examples of every assignment and test or exam from all of our courses with examples pulled from within the last three years. The curriculum was assessed in terms of meeting 13 required CIDA Standards which are Global Perspective for Design; Human-centered Design; Design Process; Collaboration; Communication; Professionalism and Business Practice; History; Space and For; Color; Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment, and Finish Materials; Environmental Systems; Building Systems and Interior Construction; and Regulations and Guidelines. Each of these standards is broken into sub-categories between four and twelve in number. In addition the team interviewed students, faculty, our Dean, and Vice President and toured our campus and facilities. 

Following their investigations the team prepared a draft report and presented us with their recommendation for a full accreditation. This was made official in April.

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