Interview Questions for Applicants

As part of your Slideroom submission, you will be asked to answer a questionnaire. Below are the questions you will be asked. Feel free to prepare your answers in advance of logging into the online portal.

  1. Based on your research how would you describe what an Interior Designer does?

  2. What qualities are important for an Interior Designer? Why?

  3. Can you give an example of a space that was memorable to you and describe how it made an impression on you?

  4. Interior Design is about aesthetics and function. Designers need to be creative as well as technically skilled. Can you give an example of your own experience that relates to creativity? And your technical Skills?

  5. Time management and due dates are important in the Interior Design industry. What would you do if you had a deadline and you knew you weren’t able to finish on time?

  6. Our program runs with a cohort group so you would be a part of a small community of sorts. We like to ensure that there’s a broad mix of background, experience and interest in the group. What special skills, attributes, or experiences would you bring to the classroom?

  7. Please provide 3 accomplishments you are proud of?

  8. What do you like to read?

  9. Using only one word, how would you describe your outstanding personality feature? Why did you choose that word?

  10. What would your co-workers or classmates say about you? You can use as many words as you like.

  11. What are you going to do if you do not get into the program?