Student Achievement Data

Student Achievement Data

Vancouver Island University, Bachelor of Interior Design
(Information from 2017 Graduating Class) 

The Bachelor of Interior Design program at Vancouver Island University is full-time degree program.  Students complete a total of 129 credits over 4 years with an internship between the 3rd and 4th years of studies. 

The following data was collected using institutional records and an alumni survey that was administered approx. 9 months after the class of 2017 graduated with 22 out of 23 alumni responding to the query.

Job Placement:

  • 21/23 (91%) of our contacted students who were in the 2017 - 4th year cohort are employed in interior design or design related professions.
    (14 in design consulting (3 freelance), 4 in kitchen/ millwork design, 1 in architectural drafting, and 2 in related product sales).
  • 2/23 (9%) of our contacted students are employed in an unrelated area.


  • 1/23 (4.3%) of our contacted students was accepted into a Master’s program in Architecture.
  • 1/23 (4.3%) of our contacted students has recently had a baby.

Places of Employment:

Below is a sampling of the various firms where the 2017 cohort currently work:

  • Number TEN Architectural Group (Victoria, BC)
  • Higgins Group Interior Design (Victoria, BC)
  • Jenny Martin Design (Victoria, BC)
  • Kimberly Williams Interiors (Victoria, BC)
  • Low Hammond Rowe Architects (Victoria, BC)
  • STS Cabinets and Countertops (Victoria, BC)
  • Studio 10 (Vancouver, BC)
  • Prime Kitchen Cabinets (Port Coquitlam)
  • BLOCK Residential Design (Parksville, BC)
  • Universelle Design (Nanaimo, BC)
  • Checkwitch Poiron Architects (Nanaimo, BC)
  • Proper Measure (Nanaimo, BC)
  • Sherwin Williams (Nanaimo, BC)
  • The Showroom Flooring Design Center (Courtenay, BC)
  • Cowichan Woodwork Ltd (Cobble Hill, BC)
  • Matix Lumber (Headingley, MB)

Student Retention:

The cohort that graduated in 2017 was admitted with 25 students in 2013
6 students dropped in 1st year and 2 students dropped in 2nd year
1 transferred into 2nd year and 3 students transferred into 3rd year
Retention 84%

Note: There were 4 students from the original 2012/ 2013 cohort join this group (3 in 2nd year and 1 in 3rd year).  These students were not included in the above retention rate.

Graduation Rates:

Of the students in the 2017 4th year cohort, 18 of the 23 graduated in 2017, 4 of the 23 graduated in 2018 and 1 has not completed the required curriculum. 

11 of the 23 who started at VIU or transferred to VIU graduated in 4 years. 11 of the 23 graduated after extending the program to 5 years. 

Acceptance into Graduate Programs:

One student from the 2017 graduating class was accepted into a Graduate Program in Architecture.


Our students participate in paid Internships during the summer between 3rd and 4th year. Below is a sampling of firms that employed our students - summer 2016.

  • Number TEN Architectural Group (Victoria, BC)
  • Design One Stevens Interiors (Victoria, BC)
  • Merrick Architecture (Vancouver, BC)
  • Atelier Nouveau (Vancouver, BC)
  • DesignLaB Interiors (Vancouver, BC)
  • J. Ennis Fabrics (Vancouver, BC)
  • Kristen Balter Designs (Vancouver, BC)
  • BLOCK Residential Interior Design (Parksville, BC)
  • David Coulson Design (Duncan, BC)
  • Green by Design Construction (Nanaimo, BC)
  • The Interior Design Group (Nanaimo, BC)
  • Architrave Design Build (Nanaimo, BC)
  • Universelle Design (Nanaimo, BC)
  • Home Depot Design Department (Nanaimo, BC)
  • Modlux Interiors (Campbell River, BC)
  • HDR Architecture (Kingston, ON)
  • Ruscio Studios (Montreal, ON)
  • Floorscapes Inc (Calgary, AB)
  • OrganicArchitect (Portland, ON)
  • Ealing Council Built Environment Surveying Team (Ealing, UK)
  • Quatrefoils Organic Architect (Ealing, UK)
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