The Department of Creative Writing and Journalism at Vancouver Island University offers comprehensive degree programs (Bachelor of Arts, Major and Minor) in Creative Writing. Students enrolled in the program will have the opportunity to work with published and produced professional writers in order to develop professional-level skills in various literary genres ranging from poetry to short fiction to plays and screenplays to news articles and feature stories. They may also elect to acquire an understanding of the publishing and entertainment industries as they relate to the careers of professional writers.

Graduates of the program will have the skills and experience necessary to apply for admission to post-graduate programs in Creative Writing such as the M.F.A. program at the University of British Columbia. Students who elect to take the appropriate courses as a part of their degree requirements may also qualify for admission to post-graduate programs in Publishing (for example, the Master of Publishing program at Simon Fraser University or the Post-Degree Certificate Program at Centennial College) or Journalism (U.B.C., Western, Carleton). Students interested in pursuing the Master of Publishing or Post-Degree Certificate in Publishing option may also choose to acquire work experience through internships. Graduates of M.F.A., M.Pub., and M.Jour. programs such as those mentioned above may apply for entry-level positions in the magazine-, book-, and newspaper-publishing industries.

Featured Courses

CREW 100

Love being the first to know the news? Want to find out about your community, meet interesting people and learn how to write quickly and concisely? CREW 100: Introduction to Journalism, teaches you the basics of news reporting and writing through real-world, hands-on activities and assignments. Learn to write the stories that are the first rough draft of history! People with solid journalistic writing skills go on to a range of careers, including journalism, marketing, publishing, public relations and digital content writing. Community learners welcome through VIU’s Love of Learning program. Contact for more info.

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