Joy Gugeler


Gugeler has acquired and edited over 100 literary and young adult titles for ECW, Raincoast, and Beach Holme presses, publishing dozens of award-winning authors including Bill Gaston, Michael Crummey, Diane Warren, Steven Galloway, Adam Schroeder, Patrick Friesen, Eric Walters and John Wilson. She currently edits annual titles in the Ralph Gustafson Distinguished Poets Lecture series for VIU. In 2001 she co-founded the Canadian Book Camp in Vancouver for children aged 11 to 16 and was on the board of the Red Cedar Award 2006-13.
She has taught the core editing course at Ryerson since 2002 and at SFU as a guest instructor in the Masters of Publishing and Summer Publishing Workshops since 1996. She operates Chameleon Consulting: Change Your Mind, freelance editing up to 10 titles a year, and frequently juries national and provincial book, magazine and online publishing awards and grants.

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy in both my Creative Writing & Journalism and Media Studies departments, champions student-centred and hyper-contemporary experiential learning in historical context. I believe in the primacy of interactive discussion that gets at the nexus of theory and practice, sharpens critical analytical enquiry, and bridges academia and industry. I strive to introduce students to the most current books, business models, ideas and technological advances, and to encourage them to respond to concepts with innovation, experimentation, and creative application of acquired skills.
Each course features at least 4 modes of evaluation to allow for different learning styles and variety of voices and opinions, and I welcome questions in class and in office hours. I am particularly invested in helping excellent students with resumes, internships, portfolios, directed studies, career leads and networking with publishing and media executives. I consider teaching a noble and influential profession and a privilege that must assume and respect every student’s right and capacity to learn.