VIU Visual Arts Portfolio Night

Visual Art

VIU Visual Arts Portfolio Night

Visual Art's Portfolio Interviews

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak face-to-face portfolio interviews will not be taking place as scheduled in April and May. However, prospective students have the option to upload portfolio images on Slideroom. This is a portfolio submission application that the Art and Design Department subscribes to for this purpose. More information is below, under "What if I'm unable to attend".

If you are unable to upload portfolio images to Slideroom you can send your digital portfolio via email directly to Program Chair, Justin McGrail.

More information

Justin McGrail
Visual Art Instructor and Department Chair
250.753.3245 Ext. 2090

Who should attend these Interviews?

VIU Visual Arts Portfolio Night

Any student or individual who is considering post-secondary education in visual art is encouraged to attend. Perhaps you are already studying in university or college, and are considering a change in your education path?

What should I bring to The Portfolio Interview?

Your portfolio can include any kind of artwork. These can include finished pieces, work in progress, and sketchbooks. Bring your original artwork but don’t worry about matting or framing your art. Also, feel free to bring your tablet or laptop to show your on-line work as we have access to Wi-Fi in the art building.

VIU Visual Arts Portfolio Night

How do I get to the Interview Location?

We are located at the Nanaimo campus 900 Fifth Street in building 325 upstairs in room 213.

From South of Nanaimo take the island highway North, and ensure you follow the by-pass route marked “Hwy. 19 to Parksville that begins just south of the city ("Nanaimo Parkway" on the map). Stay on the Parkway until you see the sign for Vancouver Island University/5th Street (first traffic light after connecting to the Parkway). Turn right and proceed downhill. Our campus is on the left.

From North of Nanaimo take the Nanaimo Parkway bypass follow the parkway until it climbs up the side of Mt. Benson as it begins to level out, you'll come to the exit for Vancouver Island University via 5th Street. Turn left and proceed down the hill and the campus is on the left.

Make sure you have payment for parking in the designated parking lots.

What if I’m unable to personally attend?

If you are unable to physically attend one of these interview sessions, prospective students have the option to upload portfolio images to Slideroom. This is a portfolio submission application that the Art and Design Department subscribes to for this purpose. A minimal fee is required to utilise this service.

Can I reserve a meeting time with a Visual Art instructor?

If you are unable to attend the Portfolio Interview Sessions, you are welcome to contact the department Chair Justin McGrail and set up a time to meet. The art department also has upcoming portfolio interview dates. Check Upcoming Portfolio Interview Dates for more details.

I am coming from out of town. Can you recommend a hotel nearby?

There are many options for accommodations near our campus. Here is are a few if you wish to contact them. The Painted Turtle Guesthouse, Harbour Light Motel, Best Western Dorchester Hotel, and the Coast Bastion Hotel.

Visual Art Program - Program Information

The Visual Art Program offers a broadly-based approach to art-making. Faculty members are practicing artists who are committed to teaching. While providing a sound foundation in visual art practice, we encourage experimentation and positive risk-taking in the expansion of individual expression. In addition to providing an exciting creative environment, we are also dedicated to providing students with the expertise required for careers in Visual Art.

Bachelor of Arts, Major in Visual Art: 4 years

The BA Major in Visual Art offers a professional focus on all aspects of studio art, as well as academic classroom experience. This degree emphasizes art-making in a broad range of media with associated techniques, interdisciplinary content and contemporary working methods. Students may pursue a Visual Art Major degree with a wide variety of electives or they may combine this Major with a Minor in another discipline. Both options strengthen employment or postgraduate study opportunities and equip students with technical, critical thinking, visual literacy and career adaptability skills.

Bachelor of Arts, Minor in Visual Art: 4 years

BA Minor in Visual Art may be combined with a Major or a Minor in another academic discipline and is appropriate for students contemplating a number of professional choices. It is intended for students who wish to pursue studies in Visual Art with an integrated, mixed media approach. It emphasizes the exploration of technical and critical thinking skills and their relationship to contemporary cultural studies.

Visual Art Diploma: 2 years

The Visual Art Program at VIU also offers a two-year diploma in which students learn a number of technical skills and the visual literacy essential for Visual Art practice. The Visual Art Diploma is comprised of two years of fine arts programming totaling sixty credits. Upon completion, interested students may elect to pursue further studies and obtain a degree in Visual Art.

Learn more about BA programs at VIU