VIU Visual Arts Portfolio Night

Visual Art Program - Alumni

Terence Fitzgerald - Todd McFarlane Entertainment, Inc. (SPAWN)

Terence Fitzgerald graduated from the Visual Art program in 1992 and immediately continued his career with Todd McFarlane and the development of the Spawn empire. Terence oversaw the creation, art direction and production of the family of Spawn comic books, for sale in over 100 countries, with sales topping 175 million worldwide. In 1995, they created McFarlane Toys which produces action figures based on licensed properties such as Shrek, Corpse Bride, Wallace and Gromit, NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, Nascar, KISS, Metallica, etc., nurturing it to become the fourth largest toy company in the North American market. In 1997, Terence produced the Spawn live action feature film for New Line Cinema which grossed over $125 million dollars worldwide. The next three years saw Terence produce the Spawn animated series for HBO, in which he was nominated for two Emmy Awards, winning one in 1999 for Best Animated Program, One Hour or Longer.

1998 and 1999 saw nominations for two Grammy Awards, both in the category Best Short Form Music Video, repsectively for Pearl Jam's "Do the Evolution" and Korn's "Freak on a Leash". Terence walked away with a Grammy for the Korn project, as producer. This video was also nominated for a then record ten MTV Music Video Awards, winning Best Rock Video and Best Editing.

The year 2004 saw another music video producer's nomination and award for Swollen Members' "Breath", in that year's MuchMusic Video Awards, in the Best Rap Video category. Other awards include an Axiem Award and Telly Award, both for work produced in 1999. Terence is currently producing or executive producing the "Spawn: Animation" feature film, two television series in development and four feature films set up at various Hollywood studios.