Indigenous/Xwulmuxw Studies courses feature experiential learning. All of our core courses include a creative hands-on project of some sort and every day in the classroom, students are asked to “do” and participate in actions that move beyond textbooks, reading, and writing.  All courses in this department ask students to:

  • Introduce themselves formally, according to local First Nations protocols and format.
  • Participate in drumming and singing as part of cross-cultural learning and engagement.
  • Engage in Elder care: be aware of and participate in hosting senior First Nations community members (Elders-in-Residence) in their classrooms through the physical acts of welcoming them, offering them refreshments and comfortable seating, inviting them to speak, and showing respect for what they offer.
  • Participate in departmental gatherings and feasts, where students organize and host the gathering (including food preparation and serving), find sponsors, ensure Elder and guest invitations, and clean up.

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