Our Students

The students in the Indigenous/Xwulmuxw Studies program come from vastly different backgrounds, from many nations and many different walks of life. Here you can read some testimonials from current and past students who have attended the program.

"One of the greatest things about the Indigenous/Xwulmuxw Studies program is how strong the people of the program come together as a community. Not only is everyone, both staff and students very friendly, but they all work together as a community and help each other out when you are in need. I was going through a tough time in my second year and the class all got together to help me out when I was in need. That's the kind of respect and support that makes this program so great and special."

Ken Watts - Tseshaht First Nation


"The Indigenous/Xwulmuxw Studies program at VIU has influenced my life in many ways. I have moved from the program with a sense of being and knowledge which I never thought possible in four short years. The community that I found within the First Nations Program and department has left an everlasting impression in my heart and memory that keeps my head above water in times of doubt in this sometimes daunting world. Not only did the program help me to understand the broad spectrum of Aboriginal issues it also brought local issues to hand which gives people like myself a chance to try and improve those issues. The knowledge and life lessons gained from the Indigenous/Xwulmuxw Studies program outweigh any other experience I have had."

Genie Lindsay - BA Indigenous/Xwulmuxw Studies - Anishnabe First Nation


"As a non-Aboriginal, I am hoping that students will at least attempt some courses in Indigenous/Xwulmuxw Studies. It gives everyone a firm understanding of First Nations issues, and none of these issues were covered when I went to High School. These courses will dismantle the myths and uncover the lies that are associated with Aboriginal People. Whether you choose a field in Criminology, Education, Environment, Geography, Health, Law or Tourism, you will need a balanced understanding of First Nations Issues."

Anne-Marie Tallon - Calgary, Alberta


"One of the greatest qualities of the INDG program for me was that I could receive a quality academic education while at the same time honoring my culture. I learned about myself, I learned my history and the history of other Indigenous people. I didn't learn about how great Columbus was for "discovering" America. I learned about how wonderful, amazing and strong Indigenous people were for surviving colonization and continuing to survive. The Indigenous/Xwulmuxw Studies program brings communities together. It honors and respects differences. Education both traditional and western are vital to the success of our people."

Priscilla Sabbas - BA Indigenous/Xwulmuxw Studies - Hesquiaht First Nation


"The one thing I love about Indigenous/Xwulmuxw Studies how broad it actually is. While Indigenous/Xwulmuxw Studies is a narrow subject, the program covers all aspects of First Nations all over the world. Taking Indigenous/Xwulmuxw Studies is like taking english, anthropology, sociology, law, and creative writing all in one, except the focus is always on First Nations people."

Andrew Callicum - BA Indigenous/Xwulmuxw Studies - Mowachaht & Heiltsuk First Nations