Bachelor of Design Graphic Design

Graphic Design

What exactly is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is communication. Designers communicate, through ads and brochures and logos, book covers and magazines, posters and websites (like this one), presentations and ebooks, apps for your phone or your tablet and more. Pretty much everything you see every day gets designed.

The Graphic Design Program at VIU is a 4-year program leading to a Bachelor’s of Design degree. We start with the fundamentals and advance to the bleeding edge of visual communication and design thinking. We create stuff.

Because thats what designers do.

You should, too.

Ten Reasons to Study Graphic Design at VIU

  1. Like to draw? Paint? Live for Photoshop? Earn a living with your skills by becoming a graphic designer.
  2. Work with creative people like you, who'll challenge and expand your abilities.
  3. Every company, every organization, every product needs a designer. There’s plenty of places for you to put your skills to work.
  4. Learning to think like a designer lets you bring your creativity to bear on real-world problems and projects, not just business cards and posters.
  5. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to work on projects that matter to you.
  6. Small classes mean lots of one-on-one time with your instructors.
  7. Your professors are designers and photographers, too—they bring real world experience to the classroom…
  8. …Except there are no classrooms. We work in studios—it’s as close to the real thing as we can get.
  9. Our courses don’t just teach the latest tools and technologies— they also teach you what to do with them, so you’ll be industry-ready.
  10. If you start your career in design at VIU’s Nanaimo campus, you’ll have all the opportunities of a full-size university, surrounded by the natural beauty of Vancouver Island.

Learn Graphic Design at VIU, meet amazing people, learn awesome things and save some coin.

Interested in the opportunities of a BA in the Arts and Humanities? Visit the BA website for more information.


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Bachelor of Design in Graphic Design

Program length:
4 years

Nanaimo campus

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Alumni Profile

Ashley Johnston

Portrait of Ashley Johnston

Ashley’s love of problem solving led her to her position of Web Designer at Real Estate Webmasters in Nanaimo.

Graduated 2015 | Portfolio

Alumni Profile

Laurelle Armet

Portrait of Laurelle Armet

Laurelle's love of marketing design led her to her position of Lead Designer at CGM Marketing Ltd in Nanaimo.

Graduated 2014 | Portfolio

Alumni Profile

Emily Johnston

Portrait of Emily Johnston

Emily’s passion for creative problem solving led her to a Web and Graphic Design position at Leap in Victoria.

Graduated 2016 | Portfolio

Alumni Profile

Trina M’Lot

Portrait of Trina M’Lot

Trina’s desire to design with a positive impact led her to the position of Visual Communications Specialist at Power To Be in Victoria.

Graduated 2013

Alumni Profile

Neil Manuel

Portrait of Neil Manuel

Neil’s adventurous nature led him to his position of Designer and Marketer at Joy Factory Films Inc. in Kamloops.

Graduated 2014 | Portfolio

Alumni Profile

Reese Patterson

Portrait of Reese Patterson

Reese’s love of simplifying things & making cool interfaces led him to his position of UI/UX designer at Eventbase Technologies in Vancouver.

Graduated 2015 | Portfolio

Alumni Profile

Dahlia Yuen

Portrait of Dahlia Yuen

Dahlia’s delight for typography and layout design lead to her becoming a book designer at FriesenPress in Victoria.

Graduated 2015 | Portfolio