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VIU Portfolio Night 2023

Every year, we hear more or less the same thing from high school students interested in the Graphic Design, Visual Art, or Interior Design programs at VIU: “I don’t know what to put in my application portfolio.”

Most years we invite everyone to Portfolio Night, our annual review event where you can bring your work and get a hand putting together an application portfolio that works for your goals. 

This year's Portfolio Night will be held both online, and in person. The online event will occur on Monday January 23rd at 6:00pm PST.

If you're local, or would rather show your work in person, we'll have Tuesday's event on the VIU campus, also at 6:00pm PST.

(By the way: we’d love for you to apply to VIU, but we’ll help anyone who shows their work, no matter what school you want to attend.)

If you have questions about portfolio night or the Graphic Design program, email

So, what can I put in a portfolio, anyway? What should I show you?

  • Drawings and paintings
  • Photographs and jewelry
  • Websites, video or audio
  • Short stories and poems
  • The craft art sculpture your aunt thinks is weird

Anything you’ve made counts!

Portfolio Submissions

What can I study at VIU?

Well, lots. But if you're creative, and you're interested in these sorts of fields, you major in Graphic Design, Interior Design or Visual Art.

How do I get in?

Easy. Apply here!

VIU Portfolio Night 2023 Graphic Design, Interior Design, Visual Art