Mature Student Placement

The Department of Creative Writing and Journalism recognizes that it is often later in life that people find the time and space to do some of the writing they have been thinking about. We encourage mature students, seniors, and life-long learners to participate in our courses. Please contact the Chair or the Department of Creative Writing and Journalism to discuss your particular needs. Options for taking CREW classes are:

  • Apply to VIU as a student, choose a major or minor in CREW and complete a full program of study on a full time or part time basis. Although you may have experience as a writer (you may even have published some of your work) we believe there is always something to be learned from our workshop-oriented classes. To complete a degree, students will need to pass all degree requirements. Some students who have taken previous university classes may find that their studies will transfer to VIU. Degree requirements information.
  • Audit a class. First, apply as a VIU student (see above). You may take University-level courses on an audit basis. Audit students attend classes and complete reading assignments, but do not have to participate in examinations; however, students may ask an instructor for evaluation on assignments or tests. Audit students will receive “AUD” on their transcript. No grade will be given; therefore, an audited course will not be used to calculate a student’s GPA.
    Having begun a course, students have twelve weeks within which to change standing from audit to credit, or credit to audit. See General Regulations.
  • Consider the Love of Learning program. The Love of Learning program is open to all adults who have completed grade 12 English or equivalent. Transcripts are not required to register, however you should take a look at the course prerequisites (found in the course description). These will give you an idea of how prepared you should be for the level of discussion within the classroom. More information on Love of Learning.
  • Exploratory University Studies. Exploratory University Studies (EXPO) is an opportunity for you to take university credit courses while exploring your options further. First, apply as a VIU student (see above). Perhaps you’ve got your eye on a program that has some first-year courses as prerequisites, or maybe you just aren’t sure if you want to get your degree in Arts, Business, Science, or something else. EXPO gets you in the door and gives you the opportunity you’re looking for, and it will give us the chance to reach out to help you find your true pathway. More information on Exploratory University Studies.