Linguistic Research Laboratory

Welcome to VIU's Linguistic Research Lab (LRL), the place for all things language! We are interested in a range of data-driven research, focusing on the empirical study of language via experimentation. Our attention is particularly drawn to phonetic and psycholinguistic experiments, such as eye-tracking studies, that investigate how people comprehend and produce speech under varying conditions. 



Our research interest lies in the underlying mechanisms of speech communication. Despite the high variability in speech, speakers and listeners appear to communicate effortlessly. Exploring how the production of speech varies and how listeners cope with this variability offers a fascinating perspective on how language is processed.




VIU's Linguistic Research Lab (LRL) was founded in 2023 through the Canada Foundation for Innovation’s (CFI) John R. Evans Leaders Fund (JELF) & the BC Knowledge Development Fund awarded to Yoichi Mukai, Ph.D. (PI) & Marla Morden, Ph.D. (Co-PI) under the project entitled, Vancouver Island Eye-tracking Hub: Creating Regional Capacity for Evidence-based, Non-invasive Cognitive Assessment.

Contact Us

We are located at Building 459, Room 110.