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Archipelago is an exhibition of recent work by graduating VIU BA Major Visual Art students. Their collective studio work spans painting, printmaking, drawing, ceramics, and sculpture. This diverse group of artists have allowed their practices to mingle and overlap; to be separate yet together. Their explorations vary in subject and approach but remain unified by a shared place and time.


Harbour City Photo Salon 

Harbour City Photography Club and the View Gallery present “Photo Salon 2018”, an annual exhibition of Vancouver Island photographers. This year the works are in three categories: Portrait, Nature, and Open. Vote for your favourite in the People’s Choice Award! With a wide range of approaches, the Photo Salon showcases the diverse talents of Island artists as well the beauty of our natural surroundings. The exhibition runs May 25 to June 16, and is open Monday to Friday, 1:00 - 5:00 pm.


Kirkby: Written in Stone

The View Gallery presents “Kirkby: Written in Stone”, an exhibition of Arctic landscape paintings by Ken Kirkby. In homage to the Inuit peoples amongst whom he lived for five years, Kirkby’s naturalistic landscapes feature inukshuk, stone markers built by the Inuit, in the shape of humans. For Kirkby, they are symbols of survival and endurance – of the land, and its people. The paintings were donated by the artist to Vancouver Island University in 2016.


Make a Statement

What is the role of art in society and in what ways does it impact people?

The View Gallery presents Make a Statement, the third-annual student-curated spring show. This exhibition is curated by The View Gallery's Assistant Curator and Visual Art student, Brenda Flynn. Art and Design students have been asked to make a statement in many forms of media, from sculpture to painting. The works in Make A Statement show how they have considered how to speak to and challenge the viewers' perceptions through art.