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Art and Community

Octad is an exhibition of eight different ways of apprehending the world. Eight artists, each bringing six decades or more of lived-experience, have come together to share their work in the community. Their artistic sources are gleaned from the land around them, from the place they live, from the objects they find, from the people who move through their lives, and from the events, joyous and catastrophic, that shape our human experience. From these, the artists have found their "manner" and "style," their own way of expressing how they apprehend the world.



VIU Faculty Exhibition

Works in painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, sculpture and video from professors in the Visual Art, Graphic Design, Interior Design and Earth Science programs make up this exciting exhibition with plenty for the eyes to feast on. The faculty exhibit is held every two years.

Taryn Walker

Taryn Walker

Echoes From a Time Not Yet Here

Taryn Walker’s exhibition Echoes From a Time Not Yet Here is an invitation to temporarily suspend those preoccupations and move toward stillness. Their multimedia - multidimensional expressions reflect a deep responsiveness to the world that still holds the promise of a positive future. Their practice is powerfully grounded, and imaginatively engaged in a way that effortlessly creates a space for us to pause. To breathe. To listen.

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Student Art Salon

The View Gallery is excited to welcome back our visual art students and start the new year by presenting a stunning showcase of works that span a spectrum of media. Painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking and photography round out this collection of exciting, creative output by our VIU students.