installation shot

2023 VIU Student ART Salon

Sarah Alexander, Enigye Happy Amarkah, Jamie Bollinger,
Kylee Bowman, Grace Comeau, David Harvey,
Sophie Mae Hyman, Malcolm van der Voort Maarchalk,
Dana Lamos, Chiara Maltby, Susan McGill, Ivy Miller,
Liudmyla Okata, James O’Reilly, Ash Peacock, Sophie Roe, 
Lori Sorensen, Angela Traynor, Cass Vachon, Pam Vickers,
Sidney Van Alstyne and Katie Weismiller

Is the weather getting you down? Do you need some colour and POP, some enchantment and pizzazz to brighten up the January / February blahs? Please come right in and feast your eyes  on the incredible artworks we have  gathered from the extraordinary talent pool of our VIU student body.

We are so excited to welcome back our students, faculty and staff and start off the new year by presenting this stunning showcase of works that span a spectrum of media. Painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking and photography round out this collection of exciting, creative output by our VIU students. They make us all very proud.

Big thanks to Cass Vachon, president of the VIU Art Club for organizing this incredible event. And much gratitude also to Enigye Happy Amarkah, Ivy Miller, James O’Reilly and again to Cass Vachon for the invaluable assistance in the installation of this exhibition.