FIGURATIVELY SPEAKING: a journey through movement

installation shotinstallation view


There are many constants in our lives, such as change, breath, and movement. Movement occurs on many levels, from the expanse of the solar system, including the sun, moon and earth, to nature itself, and all it has to both offer and challenge us with. On a human level, there are the multitude of movements enabled by our physical bodies, and the psychological and emotional movement we experience in thought, love, joy, anger, sadness and grief. There is the movement that balances, destabilizes, and rebalances in our relationships, as we encounter: first meetings, developing and maintaining friendships, learning and working together, falling in love, learning to trust, the intricacies of being a part of couples and families, differing perspectives, the shock of betrayal, the inevitability of loss, and moving on.

The focus of this exhibition is on the wonder of the physical human body, both in motion and reflection, and the inner, psychological and emotional movement we all have available to us from the depths of our souls. The two are not mutually exclusive and allow for the full expression of our selves.

The artists chosen for this exhibition all have an amazing ability to portray movement on a number of levels. Through a combination of both two and three dimensional works, they have creatively used colour, texture, line and form to bring what could be considered static entities, to life. The interpretation of their movement is up to you.


Pam Vickars