January 21 - March 3, 2016

An art practice is the product of artistic processes. Artistic process is at the core of an art practice. An art practice requires much practise. In fact, the more one practises, the greater the scope of one’s practice, and appreciation for the process of art making. Making art, the result of an artistic process, is, of course, what every artist with an art practice practises. The funny thing is that most artists, regardless of how proud they are of their practice, tend to be secretive about their process. This leaves the impression that the process that underlies their practice doesn’t deserve attention as talking about it takes away from the art that can only be produced by repeated practise of the process that is the basis of their practice. Add to this that many artists seem to be offended by questions about their process despite appreciating the attention it has brought to their practice. It’s enough to make one give up their art practice, and try to practise curating, which is an entirely different process.


Justin McGrail

Curator, The View Gallery