Althea Thauberger

Althea Thauberger, born in 1970 in Saskatoon, completed a BFA in Photography at Concordia University and a MFA in Visual Art at University of Victoria. Althea began her art practice working in photography, but more recently she has been working in film and video. In 2004, she was short-listed for the Sobey Art Award, a major award for young Canadian artists. Since 2006, Althea has been working and living in Vancouver and Berlin. Her work has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Althea’s work addresses, and at times playfully pokes fun at, the grand myths of “nature” and its representations in visual and media culture. In the spirit of improvisation, Althea also works collaboratively with diverse communities and individuals in natural and, at times, decidedly unnatural settings. In several video projects, Althea has also cast herself as singer and performer.

For more detailed information about the artist and to view images of her projects, visit Althea’s website.