Fall Course Offerings

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HIST101 F23N01The Twentieth Century World: Part IStephen Davies
HIST101 F23W01The Twentieth Century World: Part IStephen Davies
HIST111 F23N01Canada to 1867: Contact, Colonies, and Empires
Timothy Lewis
HIST111 F23W01Canada to 1867: Contact, Colonies, and EmpiresKatharine Rollwagen
HIST112 F23N01Canada 1867 to 1945: National Expansion in Peace and WarTimothy Lewis
HIST116 F23D01First Nations People in Canadian History since 1867Chelsea Horton
HIST119 F23N01Europe in the Early Middle AgesKenneth Duggan
HIST121 F23W01Europe, 1500-1789John Hinde
HIST140 F23N01World History to 1500
Kenneth Duggan
HIST141 F23N01World History, 1500-1900Murat Inan
HIST141 F23W01World History, 1500-1900Murat Inan
HIST209 F23W01North American Popular Culture Since 1970Cheryl Warsh
HIST214 F23N01The Rise of Professional Sport in Canada, 1867-1945Timothy Lewis
HIST228 F23W01Gender and Sexuality in the Modern WorldWhitney Wood
HIST245 F23N01History of the Second World WarJohn Hinde
HIST280 F23W01The U.S. First Ladies, 1789-1885: Gender, Power and PoliticsCheryl Warsh
HIST332 F23N01Hockey and the Canadian Identity to 1952: The Development of a National ObsessionTimothy Lewis
HIST 339 F23N01Consumer Nation: Society and Business in Modern CanadaKatharine Rollwagen
HIST 344 F23N01Indigenous Peoples and the Law in CanadaChelsea Horton
HIST 355H F23N01Topics in Canadian History: Canada and World War OneStephen Davies
HIST 364 F23N01Weimer and Nazi GermanyJohn Hinde
HIST386 F23N01Saints and Society in Medieval and Early Modern EuropeKenneth Duggan
HIST390 F23N01Topics in World History: Early-Modern Islamic EmpiresMurat Inan
HIST486 F23N01Heath, the State, and the OtherCheryl Warsh