Fall Course Offerings

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HIST101 F24N01The Twentieth Century World: Part IStephen Davies
HIST101 F24W01The Twentieth Century World: Part IStephen Davies
HIST111 F24N01Canada to 1867: Contact, Colonies, and Empires
Timothy Lewis
HIST111 F24W01Canada to 1867: Contact, Colonies, and EmpiresKatharine Rollwagen
HIST112 F24N01Canada 1867 to 1945: National Expansion in Peace and WarTimothy Lewis
HIST113 F24N01Canada Since 1945: New and Changing IdentitiesKatharine Rollwagen
HIST114 F24W01Women in Canada to 1920Cheryl Warsh
HIST116 F24N01First Nations People in Canadian History since 1867Chelsea Horton
HIST119 F24N01Europe in the Early Middle AgesKenneth Duggan
HIST121 F24N01Europe, 1500-1789John Hinde
HIST140 F24N01World History to 1500
Kenneth Duggan
HIST141 F24W01World History, 1500-1900Murat Inan
HIST208 F24W01North American Popular Culture After WWIICheryl Warsh
HIST214 F24N01The Rise of Professional Sport in Canada, 1867-1945Timothy Lewis
HIST245 F24N01History of the Second World WarJohn Hinde
HIST260 F24W01Sickness and Health from Antiquity to 1800 Whitney Wood
HIST345 F24N01Tradition and Transition: Canadian Values and Ideas in the 19th CenturyTimothy Lewis
HIST 349 F24N01Education and Childhood in CanadaKatharine Rollwagen
HIST 363 F24N01Imperial GermanyJohn Hinde
HIST 381 F24N01Medieval BritainKenneth Duggan
HIST390 F24N01Topics in World History: The Medieval Islamic World - From Muhammad to the MongolsMurat Inan
HIST471 F23N01North American Popular Culture to 1950Cheryl Warsh
HIST477 F24W01Social History of Health Care - ONLINE SYNCHRONOUSWhitney Wood
HIST482 F24N01The First World WarStephen Davies