What Our Graduates Say

“The professors are the most important aspect of what makes the VIU History department so great. They provide an amazing amount of one-on-one support, and go out of their way to make sure you get the help you need. Essay ideas, brainstorming, writing feedback, and a willingness to answer questions outside of class, after hours, and even on weekends provide students with the help they need to succeed.

The professors work with you to find out what interests you and how you can use that to your advantage. As well, they seek input from the students on how to improve their classes, on what works and what doesn't.”

Amanda T.

“After four years at VIU, I have nothing but the best to say about the History Department. Every single Prof that I had was amazing, and made me think about the course material in different ways. Moreover, I thoroughly enjoyed every single History class that I took (and I took a lot).

On top of simply being interesting and entertaining, History classes have taught me how to research, formulate arguments, read effectively, and think critically, all of which have helped to prepare me for Law School.

Even outside of school, I feel that History has helped me grow as a person. The ability to think critically and place events in a broader context have helped me gain a much deeper understanding of the world around me. I do not believe that any other department can teach this as well as the History Department.”

Josh B.

“With every lecture, professors in the Vancouver Island University History Department inspired me to learn more, dig deeper and think critically about different concepts and our established historical narratives. The passion of the faculty clearly shone through in each teachers’ lectures and their expertise in their field made it easy to ask questions and have a conversation.”

Catherine C.

“My experience with the History department at VIU has been nothing short of excellent. I’m very thankful that I chose to do my History degree at VIU over another institution... and already have highly recommended it to others.”

Kapri M.

“My time as a History student has, more than anything else, honed my academic abilities and provided me with incredibly useful communication and critical thinking skills that have served me well both in my education and in my life generally. My writing skills improved significantly over the course of the last four years due to the thorough feedback I received on every History assignment I submitted.

The aforementioned academic growth would not have been possible without the incredibly high quality of instruction found within the History Department. Every single professor delivers compelling and effective lectures that provoke my interest no matter what area of History they are teaching. In addition to their effective and engaging delivery of information, and their impeccable comedic timing, every professor in the department is also incredibly kind and supportive.

I enjoyed every minute of my time as a History student at VIU. I consider it a privilege and an honour that I got to be a part of this wonderful department for four years. Every professor in the History Department has made an impact on my life in many ways . . . I would without hesitation (and probably very forcefully) recommend VIU’s History program to anyone and everyone.”

Persephone S.