Spring 2020 Course Offerings

Vancouver Island University Calendar descriptions of History courses.

History 101 online (S20W01)The Twentieth Century World: Part IDeanne Schultz
History 102 (S20N01)The Twentieth Century World: Part IIStephen Davies
History 102 (S20N02)The Twentieth Century World: Part IIJohn Hinde
History 112 (S20N01)Canada 1867 to 1945: National Expansion in Peace and WarTimothy Lewis
History 113 (S20N01)Canada since 1945: New and Changing IdentitiesKatharine Rollwagen
History 116 (S20N01)First Nations People in Canada since 1867Chelsea Horton
History 120 (S20N01)Europe in the High and Late Middle AgesCathryn Spence
History 122 online (S20W01)Europe, 1789-1914Deanne Schultz
History 132 (S20N01)History of the United States since 1865Stephen Davies
History 141 (S20N01)World History 1500 to 1900Cathryn Spence
History 207 (S20N01)North American Popular Culture after World War IICheryl Warsh
History 215 (S20N01)The Consolidation of Professional Sport in Canada, 1945 to the presentTimothy Lewis
History 218 (S20N01)Gender and Sexuality in the Pre-Modern WorldCathryn Spence
History 245 (S20N01)History of the Second World WarJohn Hinde
History 265 (S20N01)Science and Technology since Anitquity to 1700Katharine Rollwagen
History 280 (S20N01)The U.S. First Ladies, 1789-1885: Gender, Power and PoliticsCheryl Warsh
History 333 (S20N01)Hockey and Canadian Identity since 1952Timothy Lewis
History 350 (S20N01)Nineteenth Century British ColumbiaKelly Black
History 355H (S20N01)Canada and World War IStephen Davies
History 368B (S20N01)Popular Opinion in the Third ReichDeanne Schultz
History 371 (S20N01)European Cultural History 1890-1914John Hinde
History 385 (S20N01)Women in Medieval and Early Modern EuropeCathryn Spence
History 471 (S20N01)Modern North American Popular Culture to 1950 Cheryl Warsh

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