Spring Course Offerings

Vancouver Island University Program Calendar History course descriptions.

HIST 101 S22W01The Twentieth Century World: Part IDeanne Schultz
HIST 102 S22N01The Twentieth Century World: Part IIStephen Davies
HIST 102 S22N02The Twentieth Century World: Part IIStephen Davies
HIST 112 S22N01Canada 1867 to 1945: National Expansion in Peace and WarTimothy Lewis
HIST 113 S22N01Canada since 1945: New and Changing IdentitiesKatharine Rollwagen
HIST 115 S22W01Canadian Women’s History since 1920Cheryl Warsh
HIST 116 S22N01First Nations People in Canadian History since 1867Chelsea Horton
HIST 120 S22N01Europe in the High and Late Middle AgesKenneth Duggan
HIST 121 S22N01Europe, 1500-1789John Hinde
HIST 122 S22W01Europe, 1789-1914Deanne Schultz
HIST 141 S22N01World History from 1500 to 1900Kenneth Duggan
HIST 209 S22W01North American Pop Culture from 1970Cheryl Warsh
HIST 215 S22N01The Consolidation of Prof. Sport in Canada, 1945 to the PresentTimothy Lewis
HIST 245 S22N01History of the Second World WarJohn Hinde
HIST 251 S22N01History of Latin America: the Colonial EraJohn Hinde
HIST 266 S22W01Science and Technology Since 1700Katharine Rollwagen
HIST 333 S22N01Hockey and the Canadian Identity since 1952Timothy Lewis
HIST 355H S22N01Topics in Canadian History: Canada and World War OneStephen Davies
HIST 358 S22N01History of Vancouver IslandKelly Black
HIST 368B S22N01Special Topic: Popular Opinion in the Third ReichDeanne Schultz
HIST 383 S22N01The VikingsKenneth Duggan
HIST 383 S22N02The VikingsKenneth Duggan
HIST 480 S22N01Public HistoryKatharine Rollwagen
HIST 483 S22N01The Family in the Western WorldCheryl Warsh