Malaspina Theatre

Booking Inquiries

Rental Rates

Malaspina Theatre (Building 310)

A day rate of $500 is available to Registered charities, non-profits, and approved community partners:

Commercial organizations:

 $700 day rate. 

Malaspina Theatre Lobby (Building 310, Room 201)

Registered charities, non-profits, and approved community partners:

  • $50/hour

Commercial organizations and corporations:

  • $75/hour

Mike Taugher Studio (Building 330, Room 109)

Registered charities, non-profits, and approved community partners:

  • $25/hour

Commercial organizations and corporations:

  • $50/hour

Student Employees

This information is taken verbatim from the Facility Use Agreement, which is the contract between external renters and VIU’s Theatre Department.

Although there is no rental charge for the many on-campus user groups, all internal VIU users are responsible for payment of student labour for technical and Front of House (FOH) tasks including venue/staging prep, running lights/sound/projections, ushering, and general event support.

Labour Policies

  • VIU Theatre Department student employees are technicians-in-training hired to provide technical and Front of House (FOH) services.
  • Adherence to employment, labour and occupational health and safety laws and regulations (including WorkSafeBC and Actsafe practices) is expected of everyone using VIU facilities.
  • VIU is an educational institution that provides an environment free of harassment and other forms of discrimination. User Groups are considered members of the VIU community responsible for treating each other with respect and dignity, per Policy 21.03 Human Rights and 21.05 Personal Harassment.
  • Abusive language and behaviour toward student employees, faculty, the Department, or VIU will not be tolerated and may result in termination of this Agreement.
  • User Groups provide their own box office staff, volunteers, and hosts.

Minimum Staffing Requirements

  • The number of student employees required for the Event will be assessed and determined by the Theatre Manager and/or Technical Director.
  • Bookings typically require three student employees who provide technical support during load in, set up lights, sound and video, and operation of equipment.
  • Additional technicians may be required if bookings include any of the following: large load-in/out; hours after 6 pm; food or drink; large cast; multiple operators; simultaneous use of lights and sound; young performers, or special tech requests such as livestreaming or use of pyrotechnics.
  • At each showtime, one of the technicians will move into a Front of House (FOH) position. FOH performs guest relations and hosting duties, ensuring that the lobby and auditorium are clean and prepped for the Event, assisting with lobby and concession set up, ushering and answering frequently asked questions about parking, washrooms, emergency processes The FOH employee does not handle cash or tickets sales on behalf of the User Group.
  • Some Lobby-only and Mike Taugher Studio bookings may require only one student employee whose duties combine those of technician/FOH.

Labour Rates

Hourly Rate (4 hour minimum): $22 per hour + 12% employee expenses

Calculation of Hours

  • Technicians: Must be the first person on site, at least a half hour before User Group arrival; and must be the last to exit the venue.
  • Front of House: Arrives at least a half hour before Show Time and remains until after the Event is over and the venue is restored.
  • Per the BC Employment Standards Act, employees are paid time-and-a-half for any time worked over eight hours in a day, up to 12 hours – even if the employee does not work more than 40 hours in a
  • week. Employees are paid double time for any time worked over 12 hours during a day.

Non Work-Op/Work-Op

We hire two different types of student employees in the Theatre Department. The Non Work-Ops, otherwise known as Res Techs (resident technicians), are hired under the Non Work-Op contract and complete duties on rental events. These student hires are processed through both CareerVIU and Payroll, and receive keys to Malaspina Theatre and the Studio because they need to be the first to access the spaces in
order to prep for gigs. Non Work-Op labour is invoiced to the rental group, who pays for the labour (rather than it being paid by a VIU program). There is no limit to the number of hours that a non work op student can accumulate, but all hours are pending bookings confirmation and scheduling.

Work-Ops are student employees whose duties are not necessarily aligned with the rentals; Work-Ops are tasked with general theatre upkeep, event support, organizing various spaces and equipment (ie. Green Room, costumes storage etc.), and special projects - such as revising this FOH Manual! There is a 50hr per semester maximum for Work-Ops, after each proposal is approved by the Chair/Dean and CareerVIU.

Severe Weather Closures

Please note that if VIU Nanaimo campus is closed due to severe weather, bookings in the Malaspina Theatre and Mike Taugher Studio will not be held as scheduled. Please see  VIU's Severe Weather for procedures.  In the event of severe weather conditions, both internal and external rental groups should check for official notices about possible campus closure.  The Theatre Department will endeavour to work with event organisers to re-schedule any affected bookings.

Contact Info

Malaspina Theatre Manager: Leon Potter
Phone: 250.740.6192

Technical Director: Robin Boxwell
Phone: 250.740.6571

Mailing Address

Malaspina Theatre
Vancouver Island University
900 Fifth St
Nanaimo BC V9R 5S5