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Per BC Ministry of Health and VIU Health and Safety protocols, the Theatre Department has developed modifications to traditional venue use - we are offering podcasting, livestreaming and broadcasting options for highly scheduled, approved, internal events that feature small coordination teams with no live audiences.

Although we are looking forward to celebrating again the diverse academic and creative initiatives that are regularly presented in our campus venues, our Mike Taugher Studio is closed to all user groups and Malaspina Theatre is available for very limited internal uses, with no rentals to off-campus groups.

Further updates will be provided on this page, and can be contacted for more details.  

For information about provincial regulations on events, please visit: or

For Malaspina Theatre COVID-19 closures information, please visit

Great Queens: Scenes

Episode 1: Clytaemnestra in Agamemnon

Join us live from VIU's Malaspina Theatre on Tuesday November 17 at 6:00 pm for scenes by a great drama queen!

This half hour episode is the first in a new livestreamed series that features students in THEA 295: Arts Administration, hosting guest actors reading dialogue by famous femmes.

Justice-seeking Clytaemnestra, from Greek tragedy Agamemnon by Aeschylus (translation by Ian Johnston), will be our first regal ruler, starring actor Jennifer Kelly as the vengeful queen of Argos. VIU theatre student Charlie Prince will play the role of Chorus Leader.

What defines queenly characters, their qualities and perspectives? How is the queen role interpreted by author and audience?

This creative livestreamed webcast will celebrate angst, power and attitude girl!

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