Contact Information

Malaspina Theatre Manager: Eliza Gardiner
Telephone: 250-740-6192, Local 6192

Technical Director:Robin Boxwell
Telephone: 250-740-6571

Theatre Box Office:
Phone 250-740-6100
900 5th St., Nanaimo, B.C., V9R 5S5
Theatre Fax #: 250-740-6459

Mailing Address:
900 Fifth Street
Nanaimo, B.C.
V9R 5S5

Front of House

Front of House

Total Seating: 294
Box office: In Theatre
Bar: Liquor, Coffee and Refreshments
Bookings: Ross Desprez
House Recall: Flashed FOH, Lights and Bell
Security: 740-6500 or 753-3812 (after hrs)
Parking: All parking on Campus is paid.

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Stage: Proscenium/Thrust
Proscenium Opening: H - 14’-6”, W - 31’-6”
Floor: Masonite covered, Black
Turntable: Permanently installed, 10’ radius, reversible/adjustable speed
Flys: None
Traps: None
Stage Free Height: Lowest point (heating duct) 18’-6”
P.L. to U.S. Traveler: 14’-6”
P.L. to Cyc: 18’
P.L. to Apron (on C.L.): 14’
Grid U.S.of Proscenium: 4’ x 4’ centers
Stage Door SL Wing: 5’-5” x 7’-8”

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Black Traveller: Black Velour - Fixed track
Legs: 6 - Black velour
Borders: 3 - Black velour
Cyc: 1 - White - Filled English gauze - Fixed track

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Lighting Plot    House Hang Control
Instrument Schedule   Circuits   Magic Sheet

Booth: Rear of auditorium shared with SM/sound
Patch: Dimmer per Circuit (166 Circuits –see below)
Dimmers: ETC Sensor Dimmer racks 140 Dimmers

LX Positions: F.O.H.
   1. Gallery (over booth)
   2. Catwalk
   3. 3 FOH (2 over apron)
  2 on-stage electric pipes
  Cyc Lighting pipe
Instruments: See  Malaspina Equipment Inventory Plugs: 20 Amp. new style twist lock
Color: Roscolux - limited selection

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Projector: Sharp PG-C45X
Screen: Roll-down screen - fills proscenium

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Booth: Rear of auditorium shared with lighting and SM
Mixer: Yamaha LS9-16 Digital Console
  SFX Software and Layla Soundcard
  Sports Sound Pro Software
  Denon DN-600F CD player
  Stanton c.402 CD player

  2 QSC CX404

  4 EV ZX 1i configured LCR front of house
  1 Mackie SWA 1501 active subwoofer
  2 EV SXa 100+ powered speakers

  6 – SM 58
  4 – SM 57

  1 Sennheiser EW 100 receiver, belt pack and lapel mic
  3 Audio Technica AT 3000 receivers, 2 hand held mics, 2 belt packs, 1  lapel,   1 countryman mic

  5 boom style mic stands, 1 straight stand, a small stock of XLR cables,
  assorted adapters, 2 passive DI boxes

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Clearcom headset system
Dressing Room/Green Room monitors

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