Malaspina Theatre Truss

Technical Information

Contact Information

Malaspina Theatre Manager: Leon Potter
Telephone: 250.740.6192

Technical Director: Robin Boxwell

Mailing Address:
900 Fifth St
Nanaimo BC V9R 5S5

Theatre Box Office:

Phone 250.740.6100

Welcome to VIU’s Malaspina Theatre and Mike Taugher Studio!

VIU’s Malaspina Theatre, Malaspina Theatre lobby, and Mike Taugher Studio are ‘living classrooms’; unique facilities where students completing diploma and degree requirements can learn, develop skills, and gain valuable hands-on experience.

The Theatre facilities are primarily teaching spaces, but also function as a campus resource available to internal users and as a community venue available to off-campus external user groups as well.

Activities and events in the Theatre facilities align with the Theatre Department’s Theatre Diploma and Technical Theatre Diploma programs, which build a wide range of career opportunities in the performing arts. Academic study covers theory and history as well as experiential learning components where students develop strong
artistic, critical thinking, communication and teamwork skills in a highly innovative, collaborative and welcoming environment.

VIU’s Malaspina Theatre and Mike Taugher Studio welcome participants and guests to diverse public performances that showcase university and community talents and skills. The facilities are creative spaces, where imagination, individuality and diversity are celebrated.

Malaspina Theatre (Building 310)

Facility Description

  • A fully equipped theatre with seating of 290 + 3 wheelchair accessible spots  Malaspina Seating Chart
  • Offers a stage with lighting, sound, and projection capabilities
  • Live-streaming, broadcasting and podcasting services also available
  • Includes Lobby with optional Box Office and Concession/Bar, a green room, two dressing rooms, loading bay access, and technical support/student crew
  • Well suited to performing arts and film events, graduations, panel presentations, and concerts

Malaspina Theatre Lobby (Building 310, Room 201)

Facility Description

  • A multi-tiered, flexible space with a capacity of 150
  • Well-suited to receptions, guest speaker events, celebrations, business functions, and special occasions with food and drink
  • Includes optional use of Box Office and Concession/Bar
  • Versatile set up with various layout of tables, chairs, podium, projections

Mike Taugher Studio (Building 330, Room  109)

Facility Description

  • The Studio is a converted classroom, on the ground floor of the View Art Gallery building. It is next to the Music building, just a short walk away from Malaspina Theatre
  • A versatile ‘black box’ theatre adaptable to auditions, rehearsals, play readings, workshops, private instructional sessions, small productions, and creative presentations
  • This venue comfortably seats 25-40 people, depending on how chairs, tables, set, and equipment is arranged

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Stage (No Fly House)

Stage: Proscenium/Thrust
Proscenium Opening: W - 27’-6”, H - 14’-6”
P.L. to U.S. Traveler: 14’-6”
P.L. to Cyc: 18’  P.L. to Apron: 14’

Floor: Masonite covered, Black
In-Stage Revolve: Permanently installed, 10’ radius, reversible/adjustable speed
Stage Free Height: Lowest point (heating duct) 18’-6”
CYC to DS Apron: 31'
Stage Door SL Wing: 5’-5” x 7’-8”


Black Travellers: Black Velour - Fixed track downstage main drape and upstage black traveller
Legs: 6 - Black velour (3 per side)
Borders: 3 - Black velour
Cyc: 1 - White - Filled English gauze


Rear of auditorium, shared with SM/sound

Patch: Dimmer per Circuit (280 circuits)
Dimmers: (2) ETC Sensor Dimmer racks

LX Positions:
 (3) Onstage LX Pipes
 (2) FOH Truss Pipes
 (1) FOH Catwalk
 (2) FOH Torm Positions

Malaspina Theatre House Hang

Malaspina Theatre Ground Plan

House Hang Control

House Magic Sheet

QtyItem DescriptionQtyItem Description
1ETC Element V1 ConsoleAccessories
30ETC Source 4 conventional fixture2Iris Kits for S4
12ETC Source 4 Jr. conventional fixture

10ETC LED Colorsource Pars Deep Blue
8ETC LED Colorsource Spots Deep Blue
2Chauvet LED Rogue Spots
5Chauvet LED Rogue Wash
6Chauvet LED Slim Pars
Barrel TypeLighting Desks
619 degree S4 Barrel1ETC Element ver 1.0
1826 degree S4 Barrel1Nomad w. ETC Gadget USB to DMX
2036 degree S4 Barrel
650 degree S4 Barrel
190 degree S4 Barrel


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1SONY VPL-FH 36 5000 Lumen Front Projector (Fixed Front Projection in Booth)
1Epson LS-500 Ultra Short Throw (Fixed Rear Projection on CYC)
1NEC NP4100 5000 Lumen (Fixed Rear of House Projection on Presenter Screen)
1Vankyo 2500 Lumen , Portable
1Sharp PG-MB56X, Portable
1City Theatrical DMX Dowser fixed on front projector
1Da-lite fixed electric screen 24'wide x 18'tall
1Da-lite fixed electric screen in Lobby, 8'wide x 6'tall


QtyItem DescriptionQtyItem Description
1Radiance DMX Hazer1Clearcom Base station
1JEM DMX Arena Fogger5Beltpacks
4Manual Stage Foggers, small5Headsets


QtyItem DescriptionQtyItem Description
Mainstage ConsoleWireless
1Behringer X32 console2Audio Technica AT300 wireless handheld
124 Channel House snake from booth to SR proc4Audio Technica AT3000 wireless Lavaliers
1Behringer S32 digital snake
3Mackie Thump 15A 1400W (L,C,R)4SM58 vocal mics
4Cerwin Vega CE-12" Self-Powered 1000W (monitors)4SM57 instrument mics
2Yamaha 12" powered 300W (Sidefill)2SM 51 condenser
2AKG C535 EB condenser
2Podium mics
2QSC CX404 4-channel amps4Behringer Active DI's
Lobby ConsoleAccessories
1Behringer XAir-XR166Tripod mic stands