COVID-19 and Theatre Events

Malaspina Theatre Venue Rentals:

We are excited to be re-opening our Malaspina Theatre facility this fall semester.

Per BC’s Restart Plan, the Go Forward Guidelines, Return to Campus Primer developed by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training, and campus-specific health and safety protocols provided by the University, the venue is now open again to curricular activities, featuring the use of the space as our ‘living classroom’ where diploma and degree student engage in experiential learning.

While our popular and versatile 294-seat Malaspina Theatre will be hosting again diverse scholarly events and creative initiatives, dynamics regarding physical distancing, masks, proof-of-vaccination, cleaning, and capacities are still evolving.

Internal VIU user groups can book the space, but external user group use is still limited.

Please contact eliza.gardiner@viu for more information, and access these helpful links: