installation shot


November 17 - December 2, 2022

The challenge was to find an over-packaged product and redesign the package to be more ecologically responsible. Using less became an overarching theme for students and the concept manifests itself through ways of using less material, less wrapping, less shelf space and, in some cases, fewer words.

During the process, students experimented with form and medium by prototyping—each working through a multitude of challenges to find the harmony between containing, protecting, displaying and selling the product—while minimizing environmental impact. Through these experiments, students discovered new and innovative ways of expressing the brand and product's purpose while emphasizing its new, ecological perspective.

Canadians produce roughly 1800 lbs of garbage per person annually, with approximately 35% of that waste packaging. Fuelled by this reality, designers have a chance to impact how a product is packaged, reused and eventually recycled. This exhibit exemplifies these possibilities and demonstrates how package design directly affects our expectations of a brand.

Thanks to Print 3 Nanaimo for the large format prints for this exhibit. The paper used for this exhibit is printed on 30% post-consumer waste stock and will bepromptly recycled after the show.