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2021-22 Upper-level Rotation

Fall 2021

CourseCourse DescriptionDegree RequirementProfessor
 312History of Critical TheoryLiterature and CriticismCarpentier
 329Topics in Children’s & YA Literature
Literature and CultureDoughty
 333Topics in Post-Colonial LiteratureLiterature and CultureSmith
 334Topics in Canadian Literature
Literature and CultureTorkko
 344Topics in ShakespeareLiterature and Traditions, pre-1700 Crover
 348Topics in 18th-Century LiteratureLiterature and Traditions, 1700-1900Hagan
 394Topics in Television Narrative Word and ImageMasson
 480Research MethodsLiterature and CriticismFinigan 

Spring 2022

CourseCourse DescriptionDegree RequirementProfessor
 304Advanced Professional Writing  Literature and WritingDoughty
 314Modern Critical TheoryLiterature and CriticismStephens
 325Topics in Environmental Literature
Literature and CultureArmstrong 
 327Topics in International Literature
Literature and CultureThompson
 331Topics in West Coast LiteratureLiterature and CultureMoosa
 332Topics in Indigenous LiteratureLiterature and CultureWatkins
 340Topics in Medieval Literature Literature and Traditionspre-1700
 350Topics in 19th-Century Literature Literature and Traditions, 1700-1900Burgoyne 
 398Film StudiesWord and ImageWatkins