Reading in Tamagawa Garden


  • The prerequisite for ENGL 115, 125, and 135 is a “C” in ENGL 12 or ENGL 067, or a score of Level 4 on the essay part and at least 50% on the objective part of the Language Proficiency Index exam.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, the prerequisite for second-year English courses is the completion of two university-transfer English courses (one of which must be a literature course) with a minimum grade of “C” in each. In exceptional cases, permission for exemptions may be granted by the Chair on behalf of the department.
  • The prerequisite for VIU upper-division courses (courses numbered 300+) is two second-year literature courses.  For students interested in specific courses, prerequisites may be waived through consultation with the Professor and Chair
  • For details on course requirements for our BA with a Major  and a Minor in English, please consult the VIU Program and Course Calendar.