Film Studies at VIU

Film Studies at VIU

Celebrate Your Love of Film

VIU English is the place to indulge and celebrate your passion for film and TV! Bring your curiosity about why some movies stand the test of time, why some books make great movies (or not!), and how TV and film continue to shape our culture.  

VIU’s English Department is home to a rich variety of courses in film and television studies.  Our film and TV courses run in the evenings to allow for full screenings and lively discussion, and they’re accessible to students of all levels.  300-level courses are open to students with third-year standing, Love of Learning students, or with permission of the instructor.

See our Courses for more detail on all the courses offered by VIU English.

Fall 2023

FILM 101: Introduction to Film Studies

ENGL 233: Literature and Film

Spring 2024

FILM 220:  Special Topics in Film Studies

ENGL 396: Literature and Film