Reading in Tamagawa Garden

Bryn Skibo

B.A. (American University)

M.A. (University of Geneva)

PhD (University of Geneva)

Bryn Skibo (she/her) completed her doctoral studies and a one-year post-doctoral research project at University of Geneva (UNIGE), specializing in Narratology, Animal Studies, Indigenous Studies, and Vegan Studies. Her dissertation analyzed the narrative performance of inter-species relationality through an inter-disciplinary framework comprised of posthumanism and Anishinaabe epistem-ontologies, alongside Genettian narratology. She is the Senior Book Reviews Editor for Transmotion, a peer-reviewed and open-access journal publishing critical essays, reviews, and creative writing on post-modern Indigenous literatures and Indigenous Studies. Her most recent publication, “Indigenous Narratives” (co-authored with Deborah Madsen), was published in The Encyclopedia of Contemporary American Literature (Wiley Blackwell, 2022). In addition to her research and publications in Indigenous Literatures, she has also published and presented on Animal Studies, Posthumanism, Post-Structuralism, New Journalism, and Narratology. When not teaching, she keeps busy by working on a book proposal on Non-Human Narratology and walking her dog, Bonnie, in the forests around Nanaimo.