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  • B.A. (Simon Fraser)
  • MA (Washington)
  • PhD (Washington)

Teaching Subjects

Romanticism: I’m generally interested in the ideas and movements called “Romantic,” but usually this focuses on British or continental literature between 1780 and 1830 or transatlantic expressions of this literature in the United States and Canada later in the nineteenth century.

Late-eighteenth and nineteenth century British and American literature and culture: I am more generally interested in the broad historical swathe that reaches from the Enlightenment to the end of the Victorian period, especially the emergence of Gothic literature, Scientific Romance, and exploration and lost worlds narratives.

Speculative literature: science fiction (genre sf) and scientific romance, fantasy, and related genres and modes.

Rhetoric and composition: I teach beginning, intermediate, and advanced composition courses with a focus on academic writing and discourse analysis.

Literary theory: I prefer to approach theory in applied contexts. I am especially interested in theories of symbolic form, the sublime, recent genre theory, hoax theory, psychoanalysis, Marxisms, feminism, and postcolonialism. I’m also interested in theoretical approaches to pop culture.