Reading in Tamagawa Garden

John Lepage

  • B.A. (McGill)
  • PhD (Glasgow)

Late medieval literature, Renaissance poetry, poetics, poetry and science, poetic diction, drama, English and French comparative literatures, Biblical and classical backgrounds.

John Lepage (Ph D, Glasgow) works in Renaissance English and French literatures, classical and medieval literary and cultural backgrounds, and encyclopedism (cultural knowledge organization – the ways in which historical European literatures build senses of unified culture from vast frameworks of particular ideas, metaphors, and images).  His interest in particular manifestations of knowledge as well as the larger cultural currents of the Renaissance have led him down surprising literary byways and no small number of dead-ends.  He has published on Shakespeare, Spenser, Donne, and Milton; and on diverse subjects in other fields.  He is committed to assessing and articulating the place of humanism in the modern university and takes an active role in university governance.