Reading in Tamagawa Garden

Richard Arnold

  • B.A. (South Alabama)
  • MA (Victoria)
  • PhD (Alabama)
Richard Arnold

Ecological and environmental literature (especially English Romantics, American Transcendentalists, and recent writers such as Edward Abbey, Wendell Berry, and Mary Oliver) , nautical literature (e.g. Melville, Conrad, Cooper, London), 20th/21st c. Canadian and American Poetry.

PhD Dissertation: “Conservation and Uses of Nature in writings of Thoreau, Muir, and Abbey”

MY TEACHING PHILOSOPHY:  I am most interested in enabling students to develop a “voice”: not only in the classroom, but in life. I always strive to identify and make students aware of their own talents. I frequently get my students out of the classroom, onto the trails, and into the woods. I believe that all human success is ultimately directly related to how we treat our natural environment. Education offers one of the few viable means by which to address any number of crises we are facing. These include Race, Gender, Economics, the Self, and Nature.


or the only
nature that’s saved
will be wild hairy comets
with venomous tails


attacking from jungles
of light-years and dust
to teach us too late
how much (love)ly we’ve lost


2003, Richard Arnold