Alternative Cinema Series, Spring 2016

January 22 through February 26, Building 355, Room 203, 7 p.m.


REGISTER  BY PHONE 1-866-734-6252

PICI 001 S16N01

$30.00 + GST

***Attendance is by Membership only***

January 22

Amy (2015)

Dazzling, devastating documentary on British songstress Amy Winehouse: her celebrity, her addiction, her tragic death.

January 29

About Elly (2009)

A close-knit group of Iranian friends visit the Caspian Sea on holiday. Elly, a young kindergarten teacher, disappears, leading to some tense revelations.

February 5

Citizenfour (2014)

Gripping, controversial documentary about and “starring” Edward Snowden, whistleblower on National Security Agency’s mass illegal invasions of privacy.

February 12

Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)

Contemporary vampire love story told with droll humour, engaging music and quiet compassion by master-magician of the strange, Jim Jarmusch.

February 19

Gueros (2014)

First film by a young Mexican director – both “nostalgic” and “contemporary” – dealing with some young men of a purposeless generation looking for an unsung Mexican folk-hero.

February 26

The Second Mother (2015)

Present day Sao Paulo, Brazil. A live-in nanny who left her child behind 13 years ago to take up her job is suddenly visited by her now university-bound daughter. Family and class tensions arise.