Colloquium Series - Spring 2010

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JANUARY 29, 2010
Composing Jazz Inspired by Dorothy Livesay’s Poetry: A Conversation about the Creative Process

Brent Jarvis

Acclaimed jazz composer and performer Brent Jarvis returns to his roots at Vancouver Island University for an evening concert and discussion on the creative process on Jan. 29.

Jarvis, a graduate of VIU’s music program, will lead a discussion entitled Dark and Edgy Tunes: Jazz, Canadian Poetry, and the Creative Process. He will be joined by award-winning vocalists Melinda Whitaker and Anne Schaefer.

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FEBRUARY 19, 2010
Machine Communities: Databases without Origin, Purpose, or Identity

Doug Stetar, Dr Daniel Burgoyne, Dr Richard Lane, Dr Frances Sprout, Robin Davies, Marian van der Zon, Kevin Matuzek, Alison Pitcher

Does the future of academic disciplines lie in collaboration? Can we generate knowledge through communities? Who controls and "mobilizes" knowledge anyway? Inspired by Giorgio Agamben's The Coming Community, the Literary Theory Research Group and the Datastream Media Collective have joined forces for three trans-disciplinary collaborations between theorist/writers and digital artist/practitioners.

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MARCH 5, 2010
Writing “Gender, Health and Popular Culture” or if I called it “Drugs, Sex and Rock’n’Roll,” Would It Sell More Books

Dr Cheryl Warsh, History Department, VIU


APRIL 9, 2010
“The Mirror Turned Lamp”: Natural-Supernatural in William Butler Yeats

Dr Clay Armstrong, English Department, VIU

In this presentation, Armstrong will focus on Yeats’s quarrel over the cultural significance of literature in a time of violence. He will also talk about how his experience as a student of Yeats has influenced his teaching.

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