Colloquium Series Fall 2016

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Colloquium Series Fall 2016


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Fall 2016

September 30

From Academic Article to Fantasy Novel: Medieval Alchemy and The Alchemists’ Council

Cynthea Masson, English Department

From the alchemical hermaphrodite to the philosopher’s stone, the language and iconography of alchemy has both fascinated and confused scholars and laypeople for centuries. And it has inspired writers. The transformation of scholarship into fiction is an alchemical process in itself, and the story of that journey a fascinating tale.


October 21

Kwak’wala Language Revitalization: Is it Possible?

Laura Cranmer, Indigenous/Xwulmuxw Studies Department

Guided by her Elders and drawing on memories evoked by her grandmother’s photos, recent PhD graduate Dr Laura Cranmer’s research focuses on the challenges facing an adult heritage language learner in reclaiming her language, Kwak’wala. The story behind her research is one of a residential school survivor reclaiming identity, and it provides insights into this process for all of us.


November 25

Hogan’s Alley Remixed: Learning through Wayde Compton’s Poetics

Paul Watkins, English Department

Black Canadian writer/poet, DJ, and historian Wayde Compton incorporates hip-hop and the turntable — the methods of the DJ — in his poetry to mix and remix past and present, African and European traditions, and the oral and the written to critique power, identity, and history. Experience how Compton’s Performance Bond reimagines and recovers Hogan’s Alley, Vancouver’s historical Black community.


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