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Spring 2011


FEBRUARY 4, 2011
On Black Hawks, Pontiacs, and Crazy Horse Malt Liquor: The Policy and Cultural Relations Implications of Constructed Images

Dr Keith Smith, Department of Indigenous/Xwulmuxw Studies and Department of History

A hundred years ago, an army of employees of Canada’s Department of Indian Affairs collected an unprecedented amount of information about those they defined as “Indians.” This presentation will consider the ways in which past and present policy making decisions and popular perceptions are guided by inaccurate imaginings of Indigenous people.


MARCH 4, 2011
History on Stage: Transforming History into Relevant, Entertaining Musical Theatre

Ross Desprez, Theatre Department

In March, Ross Desprez continues a career writing and producing historical plays when he directs the VIU production of We Too, a play by Jeremy Long based on Lynn Bowen’s book Boss Whistle about coal mining and the struggle for workers’ rights on Vancouver Island. His presentation will explore the complexities and ignificance of adapting historical material in Canadian theatre.


APRIL 1, 2011
Graphic Matters: Women Making Comics

Dr Marni Stanley, Department of Women’s Studies and Department of English

Although male artists dominate the comic book industry, women have been making comics successfully since the early 20th century. Their comics in every genre from journalism to autobiography have helped elevate comic art to a major genre with its own well-developed critical practice. This presentation will introduce us to the history and significance of women’s production in this medium.



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