Colloquium Series - Spring 2013

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Spring 2013


JANUARY 18, 2013

Living with Monsters

Kathy Page, Creative Writing Department

Thoughts on our fascination with real or imaginary monsters inform Kathy Page’s novel The Find. Inspired by a visit to a Courtenay museum, the novel centres on the fictional discovery of a huge pterosaur from the Late Cretaceous Age on Vancouver Island. In this presentation Page will read from her novel and comment on the kind of research she undertakes for a creative project such as this.


FEBRUARY 15, 2013

The TRC, Missing Children, and Academic History

Dr Laurie Meijer Drees, Department of Indigenous/Xwulmuxw Studies

Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission has spent several years investigating Canada’s Indian Residential Schools. This presentation will interpret new findings based on restricted records that reveal connections between the schools, hospitals, corrections facilities, and the various policing agencies. What have we learned? What can academia contribute?


MARCH 22, 2013

Renaissance Art and the Ancient Philosophers:
A Study in the Representation of Ideas

Dr John Lepage, English Department

When Renaissance artists painted portraits of ancient philosophers, they relished the challenge of creating paintings to depict abstract ideas, such as the fluid nature of individual identity. This presentation will illuminate the fundamental human concerns found in these great Renaissance masterpieces.



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