Colloquium Series - Spring 2014

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Spring 2014


JANUARY 24, 2014

One Bird, Two Notes: Bird Painting in Music

Sasha Koerbler, Department of Music

Through time, composers such as Mozart and Beethoven have used instruments and the human voice to paint images and imitate natural sounds. But how well can music represent a world outside itself? This presentation will focus on the representation of birds in music from the Renaissance to the contemporary repertoire.


FEBRUARY 14, 2014


(Song of the Grass-Mud Horse):
Language & Resistance in Chinese Social Media*

Doug Stetar, Department of Media Studies and Digital Media Technology

Several hundred million Chinese now use social media to support, question, or vehemently challenge their government, making for one of the most important political movements on the planet today. Confronted by constant government censorship, Chinese socialmedia users have creatively developed oblique code words, such as the persistent and now famous “Grass-Mud Horse,” to mask their on-going resistance. This presentation will explore a potentially revolutionary movement that remains largely unseen in the West.
* This presentation contains occasional coarse language.


MARCH 28, 2014

Celebrating Five Years of Community Engagement with the Arts and Humanities Colloquium

Fascinating Technologies: Future Directions in the Arts and Humanities

Faculty and student presenters will include Maria Bassett, Rick Conroy, Laura Cranmer, Robin Davies, Dr Patrick Dunae, Deanna MacGillivray, Dr Richard Lane, Kathleen Reed, Darcie Smith, and Dr Dawn Thompson and will represent the Arts and Humanities Departments of First Nations, Media Studies, History, English, and Graphic Design as well as the Library.

Technology is embedded both in the methods and subjects of the cultural analysis at the centre of the Arts and Humanities. But what counts as technology, and how exactly are VIU faculty using it? Are they more excited about potential gains than wary of losses?



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