Grade Appeals

The first step for a final grade appeal is for the student to confirm with the instructor that the grade is final. Once this confirmation has been made the appeal procedure is as follows:

  1. A student must begin a grade appeal within 10 days from the day the final grade is assigned. The student must obtain from the Registrar or Dean a Final Grade Appeal Form and complete and submit this form to the Dean.
  2. The Dean who receives a Final Grade Appeal Form will, within 5 working days of receipt of the form, inform the student of the next step in the appeal process, which is outlined on the Final Grade Appeal Form. Where a Final Grade Appeal is recommended, the Final Grade Appeal Form along with any additional documents or other evidence to support the appeal will be sent to the Registrar who will inform the student within 5 working days.
  3. Upon receipt of the documents, the Registrar will forward all appeal information to the Dean.
  4. In cases where the grade being appealed is for a prerequisite course, the Registrar will inform the instructor to make arrangements for accommodating the student pending the result of the appeal.
  5. The Dean will complete the grade appeal process within 10 working days of receiving the materials from the Registrar. While intending to adhere to the timelines, there may be cases where additional time is required. In these cases, the Dean will inform the student of the reason for the delay. The Dean will:
    1. Collect from the instructor concerned all available assignments, exams, exam keys, the course outline and the final mark determination scheme related to the course work being re-evaluated.
    2. Form a Final Grade Appeals Committee of two readers (instructors familiar with the course content but who did not teach the course to the student who has requested the appeal). Where a department does not have two such readers, the Dean will provide qualified external readers for the appeal.
    3. Clarify to the committee and to the student the specifics of the appeal (i.e. what will be re-evaluated), and offer the opportunity of a meeting with the student, the instructor and the committee members to review any issue which either party believes is necessary to clarify in order that the appeal is seen to be fair to all parties. This meeting will be held if requested by any of the participants.
    4. Ensure the two readers independently assess and grade the submitted material.
    5. In the event the two readers arrive at different grades will, as the third member of the committee, be responsible for assigning the final grade.
    6. Provide the result of the appeal to the student, the instructor and the Registrar. The final grade may be revised up or down, or may remain unchanged.